Best Reefer Container Services in Sri Lanka

Best Reefer Container Services
in Sri Lanka

The most innovative reefer container service provider with industry leading expertise, resources and reliability.

Reefer Container Operations & Service Providers in Sri Lanka

Leader in Reefer Container Operations & Marine Surveys in Sri Lanka

The cutting-edge technology and specialist knowledge has made us the No. 01 choice for reefer container operations & marine survey services in Sri Lanka.

Wide Range of Reefer Container Services

Wide Range of Reefer Container Services Under One Roof

Whilst focusing on delivering best-in-class reefer container services to our customers, we offer a one-stop-shop solution with Comprehensive & Integrated End-To-End Reefer Container Services.

Reefer Container Renting Services in Sri Lanka

Best Reefer Container Renting Services in Sri Lanka

Be it fruits & vegetables, dairy products, medicines or refrigerated goods: as an expert in the reefer container renting services, we have the perfect reefer renting solution for you.

Reefer Container Survey Services in Sri Lanka

Global Standard Marine Survey Services in Sri Lanka

We offer a broad range of marine surveys, audits & certifications to promote safety and operational efficiency. Our reports are comply with accepted global standards, so that results are comparable, anytime anywhere.




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At Marine Survey & Technology Services (Pvt) Ltd. (MSTS), we are continuously reinventing to take care of those we serve. With over 30 years of excellence in the reefer container service industry, today MSTS owns the industry leading expertise, resources and reliability, thanks to the cutting-edge technology and specialist knowledge of our dedicated and professionally qualified team of reefer container experts to carry out best-in-class and comprehensive reefer container services under one roof around-the-clock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Reefer Container?

    The terms of “reefer container” and “reefer” are short for “refrigerated container”. Sometimes it is even further abbreviated to “RF container”. A reefer container is a type of shipping container that remains its cargo at a regulated, cool temperature. Reefer containers, or refrigerated containers, are used for goods that need to be temperature controlled. These containers maintain a stable temperature inside while controlling humidity and promoting adequate airflow. Temperature-controlled transportation is used for perishables such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, and dairy products.

  • What is the most important thing regarding reefer container?

    Reefer containers are designed to maintain the temperature, humidity and atmosphere of the container at a constant value during the whole transit time. There are 4 important settings that must be considered when shipping reefer cargo, namely temperature, ventilation, humidity and drainage.

  • How does the reefer container work?

    A reefer has a refrigerator unit attached to the back of the container and either runs on generator or is plugged into a power source when it is at the dock or on the ship. It is also heavily insulated within to maintain those temperatures and reduce the energy requirements to chill the air and pump chilled air around the inside.

  • How does air circulate in the reefer containers?

    Cold, cool or warm air is circulated throughout the reefer unit via an air duct system that enters the container from the bottom. The flooring, walls and ceiling has special T shaped grooving so the air can circulate freely even with tightly packed cargo. The air then circulates throughout the reefer container until it is pumped back into the refrigeration unit.

  • What goods are usually shipped in reefer containers?

    Often a reefer container is used to transport perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Another common cargo is pharmaceuticals that must be kept at certain temperatures at all times in order not to spoil.

  • What is the difference between a reefer container and regular shipping container?

    A reefer container is a shipping container that is refrigerated and able to maintain a steady temperature for the duration of an international shipping voyage. This kind of container is able to maintain a temperature at freezer, refrigerator or warm levels according to the needs of the items inside.

  • If the goods produce gases is this a problem?

    Fruit is a typical cargo that emits gases that need to be removed during shipping. Ethylene is a gas emitted by fruit that causes it to ripen, meaning that through a journey it could all spoil. The air conditioning systems of reefer containers vent such gases, preventing ripening during transit.

  • How does the refrigerated container maintain its goods’ temperature?

    Every reefer has an integral refrigeration unit which relies on external power, such as electrical power points at a land-based site, a container ship, or on quay. While a reefer is being transported on a trailer or a train, they can be powered from gen set which attached to the reefer container. Every refrigerated container is able to control temperature from -15 o C up to 35 o C.

  • Why do reefer containers cost more than regular containers?

    Since reefer containers require more hi-tech equipment to keep the content in good condition, and also require monitoring by shipping staff, they do tend to be more expensive than a regular unit.

  • What sizes do reefer containers come in?

    You can get refrigerated containers in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes and occasionally in 10 foot size. These containers are generally a little smaller inside since space is sacrificed to the refrigeration unit in order to maintain standardized dimensions.

  • What power do I need for a refrigerated container?

    The power supply must be grounded and have circuit breakers with a minimum of 32 amps.

  • What's the right temperature range for a reefer container?

    It depends on what's being shipped. In general they can maintain temperatures within the range of -40˚C to 30˚C, depending on the model and manufacturer.

  • How does humidity control work in reefer containers?

    A reefer unit has a dehumidification function which can lower the level of moisture in the air. This helps to maintain the freshness of the cargo.

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