Reefer Container Repairs & Maintenance in Sri Lanka

Our factory trained refrigeration technicians provide the best reefer container repairs & maintenance services in Sri Lanka for your refrigerated containers.

Reefer Container Repairs & Maintenance

Reefer containers can be damaged or malfunction due to various reasons. If a reefer container’s cooling equipment is not working correctly, temperatures inside the container will fluctuate. This can cause frozen & perishable items to rotten or unfit for human consumption.

In reefer repairs, it’s highly important to correctly identify the exact cause of the malfunctioning reefer, within the shortest possible time. Thanks to the advanced technologies & the expertise of our factory-trained technicians, allow MSTS to offer the most reliable & fastest reefer repair solutions in Sri Lanka, minimizing the turnaround time.

Timely attending to repairs & maintenance of your reefer containers will ensure that your reefers work optimally, for as long as possible. Don’t wait until your reefer containers are desperate for a face-life. Instead, perform regular checks and repairs from MSTS, the best Authorized Service Agent for reefer container repairs & maintenance in Sri Lanka.

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Reefer Container Repairs

You need to repair your reefer container machinery if you notice any malfunction, or if an alarm or warning light signals an issue with the cooling system. It’s best to sort out any issues as soon as they occur, to prevent temperature fluctuations whilst transporting sensitive items.

When it comes to reefer container repairs in Sri Lanka, MSTS reefer container repair experts handle any scale of reefer container machinery repairs of all four major reefer manufacturers in the world, using the expertise of our factory-trained technicians & manufacturers’ genuine spare parts within the shortest possible time.

Our well-experienced & factory-trained reefer container repair experts will investigate the cause of the problem and then carry out the repair work quickly and professionally. We offer support 24/7, so feel free to reach out anytime.

Reefer Container Maintenance: Why it is Necessary?

Regular maintenance of reefer containers is important in order to prevent failures in the cooling system. Keeping refrigerated containers in good condition will allow them to perform optimally. Unwanted temperature fluctuations due to issues with the reefer machine can cause temperature-sensitive items to thaw, rot or spoil.

This can be avoided with timely & regular maintenance of your reefer containers by an authorized service agent.

Regular reefer maintenance guarantees the optimum performance of the containers, and the machinery inside, and ensures their extended serviceable life.

Why Should You Trust MSTS for Reefer Container Repairs & Maintenance?

MSTS is an authorized service agent for reefer container repairs & maintenance in Sri Lanka for Carrier Transicold, Star Cool, ThermoKing & Daikin.

We have a pool of well-experienced & factory-trained technicians. By educating and qualifying our refrigeration technicians from the world’s largest reefer manufacturers, MSTS ensures that our services are available to you with the best quality on par with global standards.

MSTS customer care service is available around the clock. Our company-owned vehicle fleet enables us attending any issue quickly with necessary tools, spare parts & competent repair teams.

We offer spare parts for refrigerated containers at duty-free prices. We are an authorized spare parts dealer for all major reefer brands in the world, such as Carrier Transicold, Star Cool, ThermoKing & Daikin.

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